gdkxft - CVS

The gdkxft sources are stored in a CVS respository hosted by sourceforge. You can find generic instructions on accessing them via anonymous or developer CVS here. You can also browse the CVS respository.

Like many automake-based projects, gdkxft does not store all of the files that can be found in a full source distribution in CVS. This means that in order to build gdkxft from a copy of the CVS repository, you will need to have installed automake and autoconf on your system. If you are unfamiliar with the use of automake and autoconf, the script (which is included in the CVS respository) will invoke them in the correct order (and then run configure) to rebuild all of the files that would normally be included with a source distribution.

If you are interested in contributing to gdkxft or to related projects, please contact me.

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